During cooperation with KOPOS KOLÍN, a.s., ICO 61672971, registered address at Kolín IV, Havlíčkova 432, PC 28094, the company registered in the Companies Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague and filed in Section B, File 3689 (“Company”), you entrust us with your personal data. We do our best not to let down your trust. We would like to explain how we handle personal data to you.

This directive applies to all clients, suppliers and customers of the Company, as well as to any other subjects the Company contacts or to which the Company sends any information in any other way (if not stated otherwise below). This includes all subjects that use services of the Company or provide the Company with services, sub-deliveries or are in any other contractual relation with the Company.

Personal data administrator

The Company is the administrator of personal data. Should you want to contact us or ask anything related to the personal data processing, please use the following contact information:

Mail address: Havlíčkova 432, 280 94 Kolín

What kind of data we collect

The Company collects the following personal data categories:

  1. Data you provide

    Information provided at these occasions:

  • when a contractual relation is closed with us;
  • data you provide us for completing an order;
  • when you contact the Company and remand or offer deliveries of your services or goods.
  1. Information from other sources

    This kind of sources includes:

  • publicly accessible sources, including public registers and the Internet network as long as we do necessarily need this data for e.g. issuing an accounting document, or as long as you publish your business contact data on the Internet and we would like to offer you a cooperation;
  • information we have received from third persons, such as your employers or collaborators or business partners, we necessarily need for completing orders.

The Company may combine information collected from these sources with other information available to it.

How we use your personal data

The Company uses the collected data for the following purposes:

  1. Property and third person rights protection
    We are interested in protecting property and rights of the Company and third persons. For this reason the plants and the headquarters of the Company are secured with a camera surveillance system.

    If you come to visit us, you will be identified for the same reason.

    We use your personal data exclusively for the above-stated reason and process it in no other way.

  2. Closing, amending and terminating contracts
    We use data for preparing contractual documents and amending or terminating contracts.

    For this reason we do necessarily need your personal data to comply with legal requirements for closing, amending and terminating contracts.

  3. Addressing for cooperation
    We us data for demanding services and products from various suppliers as long as your personal data is published on the Internet or as long as you provide us voluntarily with your data e.g. at fairs, meetings or on similar occasions. We believe we do not interfere with your privacy by doing that. However, if you still feel hassled by that, let us know as soon as possible. You can use the E-mail address of for that.
  4. Business operation
    We use data for the very completing and recording of orders and services, for communication with clients, suppliers and customers.

    For this reason we do necessarily need your personal data to complete orders or services as well as for complying with all valid legal regulations.

  5. Keeping accounts
    We use data for issuing invoices and keeping accounts.

    For this reason we do necessarily need your personal data to comply with legal requirements for keeping accounts.

  6. Marketing
    We further use your data for the purpose of sending business communications as long as you have provided us with your voluntary consent that you are interested in information and news from the Company. However, if you still feel hassled by that, let us know as soon as possible. You can use the E-mail address of for that.

    If you take part in an event of the Company, we can take photographic or video recordings from the event and publish these recordings on our websites, social networks of the Company or in other marketing materials. These recordings are not taken with the intention to process your personal data; however, if you feel uncomfortable with that, let us know as soon as possible and we will remove the recordings if possible.

  7. New employees recruitment
    If you send us your curriculum vitae, we will use your data for filling a new job position.

    We will keep processing your personal data during the whole selection process unless you provide us with your consent allowing us to save your data for the period of additional two years for the case that a new job position will get opened in the future.

  8. Court proceedings and legal claims defence
    We can use the collected data for investigating or resolving disputes or legal claims related to the business cooperation with the Company, or in other cases allowed by valid laws.

Data communicating and sharing

The Company can share the collected data:

  1. With our business partners
    The Company can provide information to its cooperators, suppliers, consultants, software providers or to its business partners as long as they provide the Company with services consisting in processing the personal data the Company cannot provide itself. In no case we provide your personal data either for a consideration or without it to third persons that do not need your data for anything.

    We would like to assure you that all contractual partners of the Company are bound with the duty of silence, and adhere to valid legal regulations in the field of personal data protection.

  2. For legal reasons or dispute resolving
    The Company can share your data as long as it is required so by law, regulations, operating contracts, legal processes or government bodies:
  • with police and courts, government authorities or other third parties as long as it is necessary for reinforcing our legal claims, for protecting the rights or property of the Company or third persons;
  • with other parties in connection with eventual merging of the Company, assets sales, consolidation or restructuring, financing or transferring the Company or its part to the ownership of another company.
  1. With your consent
    The Company can also share your data in other ways as long as it notifies you on sharing and you will agree with it.

For necessary reasons we can provide your data outside the EU countries, primarily in case when the Company commences a business abroad. We would like to assure you that in such a case we shall always adhere to valid legal regulations related to transfers of personal data abroad.

Your rights in connection with personal data processing

In connection with the processing of your personal data you can exercise your rights presented below. For exercising of your application use the mail address of the Company stated herein. For reasons of clarity use this form.

  1. Data saving and deleting
    We will keep your personal data for the entire duration of your contractual relation with the Company and, as the standard, for more ten (10) years after its termination unless other legal archiving requirements are stipulated. The Company will delete or made anonymous your data immediately after you have asked for (except the cases listed below).

    As long as it is allowed by law, the Company can keep some data even after the storing period is over in the following cases:

  • if the Company is in the process of resolving a problem with you, e.g. a still unresolved dispute or a legal claim.
  • if the law requires so from us, or when this data is stored by us in an aggregated or anonymous form.
  • if we need such data for legitimated business purposes.
  1. Access to your data
    You can contact us at any time with no charge and ask us for information whether we process your personal data and if so ask us for detailed information on this processing.
  2. Your data change or error in data
    As long as any change in your personal data occurs during the contractual relation with the Company, e.g. name change, residential or registered address change or a change in your E-mail address or phone number, or you find out we process your data, which is outdated or erroneous, please let us know as soon as possible about that
  3. Processing restrictions
    If you feel that:
  • we process your inaccurate data,
  • processing of your data is illegal and you wish all data to be deleted,
  • we no longer need your data for the above-stated purposes but you would like to use it for defending your legal claims e.g. in a court proceeding,
  • you are already bothered with our messages although we have presumed you would be interested in them,

    you can ask us for restricting the processing by limiting it just for some pieces of data or for specific processing purposes.

  1. Objection against processing
    As long as the Company processes personal data by virtue of the administrator’s justified interest, you can raise an objection against such a processing.
  2. Personal data processing consent recalling
    As long as the personal data processing is based on your consent, you can recall it at any time in writing (including via E-mail).
  3. Personal data transferability
    You can contact us at any time with the request to transfer your data, which is available to us, to a third person as per your specification
  4. Complaints to the Office for Personal Data Protection
    If you feel that we handle your data contrary to the law, you can at any time raise a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection


Date of Issue: 25.5.2018
Review: 3.7.2018
Valid from: 10.7.2018